Self-study Module (I) - Statistics

Duration of self-study: 3 weeks

Mode of Assessment: Test (Earn ACE credits)

What you need to learn:
  • Understand the measures of central tendency and how to calculate them
  • Understand the measures of spread and how to calculate them
  • Know the different ways of representing data and able to infer information given the diagrams

1) Notes
2) Websites given
3) Practice questions and online quizzes


You have learnt about Mean, Median and Mode in Sec 1. Go to this 2 websites and do a little recap of the concepts:

Next, download and print a copy of these notes.

Use it together with the powerpoint slides:

Complete the practice questions at the back of the notes and check your answers here:

To get a more in-depth understanding of the CFC, here is an excel applet you can play with:

If you need further reinforcement on the concepts, here are some useful websites:

Mean, Median, Mode:
Standard Deviation:

If you require more practice, here are some online quizzes:

Online Quizzes:
Glencoe Mathematics:
(a) Attempt the self-check quizzes under Chapter 10, Section 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4.
(b) Attempt the Chapter test under Chapter 10 (left column menu). You can ignore the questions on probability.