Online Learning 25 May and 26 May:

For the online learning, you will be covering 2 sub-topics of Coordinate Geometry, which is an extension to the linear graphs that you have learnt.

Tuesday 25 May: Finding Distance and Mid-point of 2 points.

Wednesday 26 May: Equation of Circles.

Knowing the equation of circles will also give you an alternative when doing GC Design.

There will be practice question for day 1 that you have to do in your exercise book. For day 2, you will be using your GC to complete the homework. There is no homework for day 1. For both days, you are required to write your reflections.

You are expected to treat this experience seriously and complete every aspect of it by 6 pm of each day. Evidence of submission of work/reflections is evidence of attendance.

For submission, go to or

To start, click on the page Distance, Mid-point and Circles.

Ms Choo

Welcome to 2010 Sec 2 Math!

Dear Students,

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You are encourage to visit the site to gain more info on the topic, as well as use the discussion forum on each page to raise any doubts you have regarding anything in the topic.

In the event you are absent for class, do use this site as a means to catch up.

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Lessons covered will be updated regularly in the Schedule page.
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Ms Choo