Background Information:

This is an annual competition organised jointly by Victoria Junior College and Texas Instruments. Every year, we encourage students who have a passion for Math and Art to participate. As the theme for the national competition is only revealed late in term 2, we encourage students to get a head start by "practising" on a given theme first.

This activity is also taught in the Sabbatical "Mathematics Cookies". Though upper secondary students may find it easier given their wider knowledge of Mathematic Equations, it not as daunting a task for lower secondary students as it seems. Particularly, it is a useful activity for Sec 2 students as the topic of Graphs is introduced in term 2. Given some guidance, lower sec students are also capable of producing quality work (samples of work shown below).

Theme for 2010: Graphics Calculator and Olympism

An introduction to the Graphing Calculator:

This is a calculator that is capable of sketching graphs (and many more functions) as compared to the scientific calculator we usually use. While it may seem tedious and troublesome, hard work will usually pay off in the form of a nicely constructed design :)

Let's get started!

Before starting on a design, it is useful to 1) Clear the memory and 2) Set the range in the window settings.

1) Clearing the memory is akin to clearing the computer of any bugs/problems etc the previous user might have introduced. While not a must, it is a good move so that you start your design on a clean slate. Though if you have saved designs, you should NOT clear the memory else you will delete all your saved (hard) work!

2) Set the x-min, x-max, y-min and y-max values in the window settings so that you can see your "drawing board".

Basic Design:

View the following slides to get an idea of how to use simple linear equations to create the "Leaf" Design:
The inequality signs can be found under 2nd --> MATH --> TEST
The slash is the "divide" sign
Brackets can be found above the number keys.

Storing and Recalling Pictures

To Store a Picture: 2nd --> PRGM (Draw) --> STO --> 1. STOREPIC --> Enter a number from 1 to 9, followed by "enter".
(1 - 9 are the 9 memory slots available on the GC)

To Recall a Picture: 2nd --> PRGM (Draw) --> STO --> 2. RECALLPIC --> Enter the number where you stored the picture, followed by "enter".

Further Design:

View the following to draw the "Mcdonalds" sign (use of quadratic equations): ,

Advanced Design:

Here are some designs past students have come up with: