Dear Students,

For today, you have to complete 4 parts. Part A, B and C before 6 pm (except for those with official reasons). You may do Part D in the afternoon or night. Be sure to PRINT out the said items and file it into your Math file when it is returned.

Topic: Map Scales, Simple Interest & Compound Interest
· To learn how to read the scale of a map
· To know how to calculate the actual distance between 2 points and the area of a region
· To use ratio to solve problems involving scales
· To recap knowledge on Simple Interest and Compound Interest (Review of Sec 1 work)

Part A: Map Scales

1. Concept Mastery (20 mins)
Resources: Videos and Website.
(a) View the following 3 videos to learn more about map scales and how to interpret them

Video 1: Map and Compass Basics: Understanding Map Scale
In this video, you will be introduced to the various measurements of length, such as feet, inches, miles etc. While these are not common forms of measurements used in Singapore, it is still useful to know them.


Video 2: Using Scale Maps Distance
In this video, you will reinforce the concept of converting a distance in a drawing into actual distance using scales. Pause and attempt the 4 questions in the video yourself before viewing the answer.


Video 3: Using Scale Maps Perimeter and Area
In this video, you will see how area and perimeter is calculated based on the given scale. Pause and attempt the 3 questions in the video yourself before viewing the answer.


(b) Website: Representative Fraction
Finally, reinforce your understanding of map scale by reading the information on this website about the term “Representative Fraction (RF)”.
[Note: If the videos do not work – refer to Textbook Pg 2 – 5 instead.]

2. Practice (15 mins)
Go to the website below and read through the examples. After that, attempt the questions 1-8. Check your solutions and PRINT out the entire page.

Part B: Simple Interest and Compound Interest

. Recap of Concepts (5 mins)

PRINT the worksheet and use it together with the powerpoint slides:
View the following powerpoint slides to recap what you have learnt about Simple Interest and Compound Interest last year.

Note the formulae for calculating both types of interest, as well the rule of 72.
2. Practice (10 mins)
Complete the worksheet and view the slides to check your solutions.

Part C: Quiz and Reflection

Complete the questions posed at google docs (10 mins):

To ensure that your response is documentated, you are REQUIRED to PRINT a copy of the form BEFORE hitting the submit button.

Part D: Homework

You are to complete Textbook Ch 1, Ex 1.1 Further practice and Math@work questions on foolscap (or exercise book if you still have it). You may do this in the afternoon.